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Sat 2nd / Sun 3rd September 2023 Club Finals Day Winners

    Mens Champion Steve Edwards

   Ladies Champion Gill Sinden

      Mens Handicap Winner Andy Sinden



Mixed Pairs Winners Nicky Bustin and Alan Mercer





Ladies Handicap Winner Penny Hale





Winners of the Mens Pairs Tony Marshall and Steve Edwards





Winner of Mens Two Woods Dave Luxton





Mens Open Singles Runner Up Dave Smethurst




Winner Ladies Pairs Gill Sinden and Margie Wilson





Winner Ladies Two Woods Gill Sinden



   Open Singles Winner Nick Goddard


31st August, 2023

This year has been the most successful for the men’s league team in recent history. The MDL league squad has gained promotion to Division 2, after coming top in Division 3. At one point, Chudleigh had won the first nine matches without loss, out of a possible 14. The last MDL match was at home against Babbacombe, which resulted and outstanding win of 105-63; the highest individual rink result was by Nick Goddard’s team at 38-7, although Chudleigh did lose on one rink. This is a remarkable season’s effort by any standard, and the games which were lost, were by small margins. It is worth pointing out that there were some matches when the team included some new bowlers, for whom this must have been a somewhat daunting experience. The coming winter break will give time for planning on the new season’s campaign.

Mixed fortunes, on the other hand, were the order of the day regarding friendlies. Crediton visited Chudleigh, and went home winning five out of the six triples-rinks played. The only home rink won with a17-10 result, mitigating an overall loss of 76-107. Babbacombe were the later visitors, presenting a similar scenario for Chudleigh; one winning rink out of four, at 25-12, but ending the match with an overall result of62-79. A casual reader might wonder how lost matches are viewed by players, but it can be honestly said that, in friendly meetings, the games are invariably played in an atmosphere of humorous rivalry, indeed, by bowlers of clubs who have known each other for years.

Chudleigh ladies had two matches with Bitton Park in quick succession; one friendly and one South Devon League. In the friendly, played at Teignmouth, one rink won with a score of 18-15, the overall score being 44-59 to Bitton. The later league meeting between the two clubs, this time at Chudleigh, resulted in a comprehensive 21-62 loss to the home side.The last ladies’ SDL match was played at Kings Torquay. Of the three rinks, Tina Sharpe’s rink won 21-18; Norma Webber won 19-17; and Penny Hale lost 6-29. This resulted in a score of 46-64 to Kings.

In club competitions, the Men’s Championship, a four-wood singles played to 21 shots, John Chilcott lost to Alan Mercer 7-21; never the less a valiant effort by John. A round of the Men’s Pairs was played by Graham Smith and Ron Funnell against Steve Edwards and Tony Marshall, the latter pair winning 22-14 at 20 ends. The bank holiday event was the annual Club Mixed Triples, the players’ teams being decided by random draw. After every team having played four games, the eventual winners of the Mixed Triples Cup were Tony Marshall, Penny Hayward and Ron Funnell. The competition was played on the “round robin” basis, each team having played every other. The random draw method of deciding teams for the event, led to some unorthodox and unlikely partnerships, which brings out some highly unexpected results

3rd August, 2023

Chudleigh ladies visited Paignton BC to play their latest match in the South Devon League series. The result was slightly unusual in that it was a 45-all draw; Chudleigh winning only one of the three triples played. The four league points made up of two for a winning rink, and two for a drawn match. Pat Smith, Margie Wilson and Tina Sharpe lost 12-17 shots; Jude Wilson, Nicky Bustin and Norma Webber won 18-11; and Gill Sinden, Barbara Purkiss and Penny Hale narrowly lost 15-17. This was a well-played match and a draw is no disgrace; another time and another place, a seven-shot loss divided between two rinks would be minimal in a match of four or more rinks.

At Newton Abbot, the men’s Over 55s Triples team returned home with a modest win of 33-30, gaining six league points. Peter Whalley, Steve Watkin and Ian Ramsay dropped seven, to finish 13-20 down, while Dave Luxton, Len Wilson and Andy Sinden saved the day with a 20-10 win.

Meanwhile, the Wednesday club evenings continue to do well with excellent attendances, especially by the newer members. These sessions are also useful for more experienced players to pass on their knowledge of the sport to newcomers, or indeed, to iron out any flaws in their own game.

The Chudleigh men later took four rinks to play Victoria, at Torquay, in the first of two MDL fixtures with that club. This resulted in a slim win for Victoria, with a score of 63-70 over all. Dave Luxton, Alan Mercer, Tony Marshall and Nick Goddard won 20-16; Keith Watts, Graham Smith, Steve Watkin and Steve Edwards, lost 17-19; Steve Hervin, John Chilcott, Andy Sinden and Paul Davidson lost 11-21; while Len Wilson, Peter Harding, Richard Partridge and Ian Ramsay had the narrowest of wins at 15-14. Ian’s rink did remarkably well, having come back during the last few ends, when an observer might have gone home early, having seen 16 of the 21 ends. The return match will take place in a week’s time


Hello all
Firstly, an apology. It has been a while since our last proper edition and so not before time here is another one.
The intention is to keep you all up to date with whatever is going on in your bowls club.
And a belated welcome to our bowls club to all our new and returning members this year. If you haven’t yet met and introduced yourselves to them, why not? You can’t have been coming to club nights. Anyway, they are Phil Case, Colin Fox, Bob Stark, Doug Neely, John Tuckett and maybe one or two more still to come. Sadly, what we are missing badly is new lady bowlers.
They are all doing very well which bodes well for the future and Bob Stark has already played a number of friendlies.
However, we cannot stop there and need to continuously engage people in wanting to play bowls. If there is anyone you know of or are acquainted with who would like to have a go let us know and we can organise dates and times for start-up sessions.

Friendlies are the life blood of small bowling clubs like ours and most rely on income generated from home matches to pay the bills and keep the subscriptions down
So far we have played 13 games of which we have won 7 and lost 6 . Shots for 925 shots against 971 . Overall, it is a pleasing start to the season. However we are having to really beg players to play in order to make up the team and fulfil the fixtures. With the number of members we have, we shouldn’t have a problem but on occasions it has been difficult to get just 12 players. Hopefully the problem will ease as we go though the season. Looking back on previous years newsletters I note that this is a recurring theme.
Leagues –
In the Mid Devon League the men have had a good start to the season and have a current record of played 5 won 5 picking up 2 maximum 14 points and 3 10-4 wins giving us 58 points so far. We are 5 points clear of Totnes having played the same number of games and having beaten them at their green. We have a current shot difference of 98 which is very good. So far John Chilcott and Steve Hervin have played 5 and won all 5. It is also pleasing that a number of our newer bowlers have been blooded in MDL matches and have acquitted themselves well.
In the SDLL our ladies have played 3 games and lost 3 games. Following promotion to the premier league last season this was always going to be a difficult year.
In the over 55’s league our men have played 5 and up to the last game had not managed to secure a victory . However a win over Dawlish Marina has now got the season going.

County competitions
As normal in County competitions there has been a mixed bag of results , successes and failures . In the mens section we suffered the disappointment of being knocked out in the first round of both the Foxlands and the Top club competitions. In the ladies section there was success in the first round of the Interclub but unfortunately this was followed by a defeat in the second round. The ladies have a game later this month in the 4-3-2-1 so good wishes for that one . In the other individual competitions we still have a presence in some of the disciplines including the mens triples ( section final) ladies pairs (section final) and the ladies triples in which Norma Webber, Penny Hale and Nicki Bustin have won the section and progressed through to the quarter finals of the whole of Devon. Hopefully this will continue for a lot longer into the summer and I will have more results and good news for future newsletters.

Club competitions
Our first club competition was held on Bank Holiday Monday 29t May . The Captains Trophy is an all day event for rinks of 4. 24 players turned up on time for a 0930 start following the drawing of teams. In beautiful sunshine and increasingly warm temperatures the 6 teams played a round robin league against each other in 5 games of 7 ends. Competitive bowling in the first four games meant that at the start of the last game any one of 3 teams could win overall. The eventual winners by one shot was the rink of Peter Harding, Pauline Watts, Peter Whalley and Dave Luxton . Two fantastic last woods by Peter Harding turned the score from a -1 defeat to a single shot win and provided the shots needed to secure victory. Second were Patt Edmonds-Brown, Alan Mercer, Margie Wilson and Steve Hervin. Other club competition draws are on the board. Please get the games played while the weather is good.


Visit from students at Teign School
On Thursday 15th and 22nd June ,we will be providing an opportunity for students from Teign School to come and have a go at bowls . These sessions will be run from 0930-1100. If you are able to help or could loan us your woods if they are small size ( 2 and under) please come down. If the students enjoy it we may turn them into future bowlers. On a different note there is a current shortage of young bowlers in Devon so if you know anybody under 25 who could take up bowls , there is a real opportunity to go along way in our sport.
Health and safety
Following a situation at a bowls club elsewhere in the country it has become apparent that the club needs to improve its approach to health and safety and safeguarding. As such we are looking for a club member to join the committee as the lead for health and safety. A current member has commenced the work and a significant start has been made. The duties are not seen as being onerous and it will be a great way for you to contribute to the club. I f you have some experience all the better. If not the HSE website has simple guidelines you can follow. If you are interested please contact Paul Davidson the club chairperson. As a general note we do naturally review the entrances to the green, the surrounds etc almost by default. As a result, you will have noted the two steps that Richard Partridge constructed that can be lifted in and out of the green fairly easily. We are trying to encourage people to use these rather than step onto the green from the surrounds and in particularly the football pitch end which has quite a high surround and could risk an individual hurting themselves.
With regards to safeguarding, while the automatic impression is that this relates to young people this is a false view. Safeguarding is also needed for vulnerable adults. However, if we are looking to provide a facility for young people to play bowls then we will need a safeguarding policy in place. Bowls England have also decreed that all clubs will need to have a safeguarding officer in place by next season.
Small sports clubs like ours rely on having and retaining sufficient members to operate and stay afloat. While we have been fortunate generally in achieving our aims over the last few years we need to continue recruiting right throughout the summer. Recruitment cannot stop just because the open day has been and gone. If you know of anyone who fancies having a go bring them along now. Don’t wait for next spring. If it helps anyone I am more than happy to come down on Saturday or Sunday mornings to open up the green for start up sessions for people. We need to look at bringing in young people and have to sell ourselves to the ladies in Chudleigh, Bowls has to be a sport for all.
The Green
Our greenkeeper Richard Partridge is looking to step away from looking agter the green at the end of the season. We will need someone to step forward and look to take on the most important role in the club. Richard has done a great job over the last few years and is keen to pass on everything he has learned. If this is something which appeals to you please get in touch with the committee.
We are a host venue for a number of county ladies events this season and it is important that we do everything we can to have the green and the buildings in good order. So any assistance in preparation and the like would be greatly appreciated.

This is a six rink game – Please support this game by putting your name down for selection when the sheet is up on the board.

SEPTEMBER 8TH – 11th Club tour away to Worcester.

This is a six rink game – Please support this game by putting your name down for selection when the sheet is up on the board.

This could be nominations for officers / committee or indeed any proposal that you would like a general meeting to consider or even an idea that you would like the new committee to consider moving forward. These must be in writing to the secretary please so they can be published for the membership to consider prior to the AGM. It is anticipated that the AGM will be held in early October.

Mens meeting to tie up loose ends from this season , elect mens captain for next season and to discuss any general matters .

A Working party will be required to carry out all the tasks that are necessary to close the green. Please come down and lend a hand if you are able, even if it is only making tea.

It is your club and they will be your committee and remember if you aren’t there you can’t vote and if you don’t vote don’t complain.
CLUB END OF SEASON AWARDS –Venue and date to be confirmed

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